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Education/Bar Mitzvah

Education Mission Statement

The educational program will explore the stories, values, and traditions that bring students and families closer to their spiritual legacy. We strive to provide our students with interactive and challenging experiences that build a foundation of knowledge, relevance and literacy.
The curriculum consists of engaging activities that promote intellectual and emotional development.
Every experience needs to emphasize the core values that we each bring from our diverse traditions and backgrounds.
Shabbat and Holiday programs, worship, experiential learning, art, music and family programs are all included in order to provide a well-rounded educational experience. It is our hope that families will be engaged because of the study that their child is learning and bringing home.

Guiding Principles

Tikkun Olam – Repair of the World
We see ourselves as God’s partner in the repair of the world. The study of social justice issues, such as, caring for the needy and mending the earth, are just a few ways that we partner to make the world a better place.
Kehillah – Community
The mandate of “Al Tifros Min HaTzibur” (Do Not Separate Yourself from your Community) Pirke Avot 2:5 is a commitment that the whole family is part of the learning community. Participation in our community strengthens the bonds between parent and child and the congregation as a whole.
Tzedekah – Righteous Acts
We use the word Tzedekah to mean “charity.” However, it is so much more. The word “Tzedekah,” is derived from the root Tzedek meaning righteousness, justice or fairness. In Judaism, giving to the needy is not viewed as generosity; rather, it is simply an act of justice and righteousness.
B’tzelem Elohim – In God’s Image
The Torah teaches us that we are all created in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26) Each of us has immeasurable worth and the right to a secure and a nurturing environment. Through our differences we can find connections with each other and create a community with shared morals and values. Our hope is that together we can build a community of spiritual awareness and support each other through times of joy and sorrow.
Talmud Torah – The Study of Torah
Our educational program strives toward both intellectual and spiritual excellence. Promoting life-long learning is a core value in our community. The great philosopher Martin Buber taught that we must find the relevance of the text in our contemporary life. Jewish education must inspire students of all ages to be responsible for their spiritual learning and we must guide them through this journey.