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The Solel Preschool

The Solel Preschool provides a structured learning experience based on the goals of Reform Judaism, child development and early childhood education. We encourage children to explore the world while developing small- and large-muscle coordination, eye-hand coordination, language skills, a strong sense of self-esteem, and a positive Jewish identity. We want to help children learn that they are capable of working independently, that there are appropriate times and ways to ask for help, and that they can successfully work in group situations while still having their individual needs met.

Our preschool serves children aged six weeks through Pre-Kindergarten. Solel Preschoolers are offered a wide variety of activities to experience, including art, music, movement, water play, manipulative play, outdoor fun, stories and quiet time. These activities will foster development of pre-math skills, pre-reading skills, and social skills, all of which will help to prepare them for their elementary school years. The curriculum encourages children to be actively involved in the learning process, to experience a variety of developmentally-appropriate activities and materials, and to pursue their interests within the context of life in the Jewish community and the world. We combine teacher-directed activities with those in which teachers facilitate interactive play and child-directed activities. Our Jewish heritage is an essential part of our program, since it provides a source of identity, a framework in which to interpret the world, the basis for a feeling of belonging, and our sense of values. We encourage developmentally-appropriate independence in children, using the positive reinforcement techniques of guidance, including redirection, anticipation and elimination of potential problems, and positive feedback.

The Solel Preschool staff strives to achieve the following goals:

• Foster a positive self-concept
• Foster a strong and positive Jewish identity
• Develop social skills
• Encourage appropriate responses to discipline
• Encourage children to think, reason, question, and experiment
• Encourage language development
• Enhance physical development and motor skills
• Encourage creative expression
• Encourage good health practices

These goals allow our teachers to plan age-appropriate activities and set guidelines for meeting the learning and emotional needs of all the children who attend The Solel Preschool.
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