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Religious School/ Bar & Bat Mitzvah


  • We aspire to provide pathways for students and families to create and strengthen their personal Jewish identities and relationships with their community.
  • Our school community provides a place where one can comfortably explore their heritage, history, values, and culture in order to have a better understanding of Judaism.
  • Throughout the year, we offer Family Learning Experiences such as the PACT Program.
  • An annual Youth Retreat in Prescott, AZ is open to all students in grades 4-7. We invite them to attend the inspiring and fun camp weekend that builds and bonds friendships.

Temple Solel’s Religious School program begins with our Mazel Tot students and continues through high school. We explore the stories, values, and traditions that bring students and families closer to their spiritual legacy. We strive to provide our students with interactive and challenging experiences that build a foundation of knowledge, relevance, and literacy. Every experience emphasizes the core values that we each bring from our diverse traditions and backgrounds. Shabbat, Jewish history, holiday programs, worship, experiential learning, Hebrew, art, music, and family programs are all included in order to provide well-rounded educational experiences. It is our hope that families will become more engaged with their Judaism because of the course of study that their child is learning and bringing home.

  • Mazel Tots, is open to 3 and 4 year olds (must be potty trained) and will be meeting weekly when religious school is in session. They will be actively engaged in discovering the joy of their Jewish identity. The children will begin to explore the Jewish holidays, Shabbat, and Hebrew words throughout the year.
  • Religious School K–7th Grade, the curriculum focuses on building Jewish knowledge and creating Jewish memories. Each session includes bible stories, Jewish history, Hebrew, Life Cycles, Ethics, celebrations of Shabbat, holidays, and Israel in order to immerse students in Torah, Mitzvot, Tzedakah.
  • Hebrew, is introduced to our youngest students using the Onward Hebrew program and continues through fourth grade.  In 4th grade, students start learning how to decode, blending the sounds of the Aleph Bet, vowels and learning the rules of the Hebrew language. Prayers and their meanings are taught in grades 5 and 6. A “one on one” 25 minute Hebrew tutoring session is offered on Wednesday evenings on Zoom for grades 4-6.
  • 7th grade curriculum is character development through the study of the Holocaust. Throughout the year students and their parents will meet survivors, hear personal anecdotes, and study the history of the Holocaust. At the heart of their study will be the acts of courage and resistance of all those that fought against Hitler.
  • 8th–12th graders can apply to take on leadership roles across the religious school program as Madrichim in Training (8th grade volunteers) or Madrichim (9th–12th graders). These roles include; teacher assistants and office assistants. In addition to the Madrichim program, 8th-12th graders are required to be enrolled in Religious School classes.

Special Programs

Raker Religious School Youth Retreat: As an extension of learning in the classroom, 4th-7th graders go on a yearly retreat to beautiful Camp Harry and Daisy Stein in Prescott, AZ. It is an inspiring and camp- style weekend that reinforces friendships, helps to establish community, and builds on the importance of experiential learning.

PACT (Parents and Children Together) will be held during the year for grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5, and 6; each group coming once for their day of learning during Religious School hours. Dates for the PACT program are on the school calendar. The PACT program will consist of both parents and students studying the same subject; parents with the rabbis or community leaders and the students with their teacher. After the study sessions, the parents and students will come together to complete a project and then finish the morning with T’filah.

Limmud (NEW!) This is a new collaborative activity with Congregation Beth Israel, Temple Chai, and Temple Kol Ami. We are bringing the middle school students together for a morning of study and fun, while giving them a chance to build community.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

The celebration of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a profound religious experience in the life of a Jewish family. The year of Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation is a process of spiritual growth. Temple Solel is committed to making this event a beautiful, meaningful and sacred event in the life of our members.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah timeline

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